Chris John MacGovern first got into photography at 10 when his father converted an old cellar space into a dark room. His father was an architect and used the facility to support the practices imaging needs. 
On graduating from art college Christopher moved into a more traditional career in marketing. However a mid life retraining to become a counsellor, and then a psychotherapist resulted in him taking up photography again. Now with digital tools he explores two themes. Architecture, or interpretations of the built environment. And, connected to his mental health training, identity.
The most recent in the ‘City’ series (in the Architectural section) is a combination of both themes. Iconic banking architecture is more normally photographed to offer a very safe or ‘certain’ identity. In Christophers images however the buildings are not certain. Rather they are visually fragmented and confused. Perhaps this is like our own sense of identity. When the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves are fragmented or have gaps or negatives in them, we can feel psychologically vulnerable. 
Christopher is not interested in any political point here. Rather he is exploring how in times of change, such as this post Brexit period for these buildings owners and tenants, how competing stories of what should be can result in a confused and fragmented sense of identity.
This series is being exhibited at Hanbury Hall in the city in October this 2017 year.
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